Workshop Speakers

Speakers at our workshops on June 23 and 24 will be assumed to be presenting via their own laptop. A digital projector with VGA interface will be provided. If you require a laptop to be provided for presenting your workshop, please contact

Conference Speakers

For the main conference (June 25-27), we will have a computer running Microsoft Windows attached to each presentation system available to our speakers. To minimize ‘tech time’ between talks, it is our strong preference that our speakers use this computer and provide us with their talk in advance. This will allow our technical team to have presentations tested and queued for you. You will be able to provide it to our technical contact at the registration desk.

If you will require any special considerations (internet connection, audio, you need to use your own laptop, etc) please contact us at to allow us to make the appropriate arrangements.


Please take note of your talk start time, end time, and duration on our schedule. You can find this by clicking on your name here. Session chairs will endeavour to keep things on time. Your time slot includes any set-up time (which we seek to minimize), a brief introduction by the session chair, your talk, and any question/answer period you may wish to include.